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The Best Pizza in Melbourne

Looking for the best pizza in Melbourne? Just plug in your address below to find the best pizza in your area. Choose from a huge range of restaurants offering scrumptious pizzas, like Peri Peri Chicken, BBQ Meat Lovers, BBQ Chicken, Moroccan Lamb, Supreme, Pepperoni, Pesto Chicken, and Mediterranean. Prefer your pizza pan fried, thin n crispy, or with a stuffed crust? Whether you live in Yarra, Carlton, Moonee Valley, Knox, Monash, Hobsons Bay or Whittlesea, we’ve got you covered with the best pizza in Melbourne.

Godfather’s Pizza Cafe (Yarraville)

This local go-to pizza spot in the centre of Yarraville offers all the traditional toppings like Marinara, Chicken Delight, Capri, and Meat Lovers, as well as specialty pizzas with a modern twist. Our favourites include the Mediterranean, with lamb, fresh tomato, onion and feta; the Smoked Salmon, featuring pesto sauce base, salmon, mozzarella cheese, spinach and sour cream, and the Chorizo, with cheese, sauce, spinach, mushroom, feta, red onion and roast capsicum. But, the menu highlight has gotta be the Kebab Pizza, featuring your choice of lamb or chicken souvlaki with onion and garlic sauce. So delicious you’ll literally inhale it. Also, their fries are borderline heavenly.

Click here to order from Godfather’s Pizza Cafe, Yarraville.

Pizza del Sole (Yarraville)

Yarraville’s Pizza Del Sole is serious about their thin bases, fresh toppings and old school flavours. Their dedicated team consistently deliver dependable, damn good pizzas at inexpensive prices. Locals rave about the Supreme Meat Lovers (napoli, mozzarella, ham, salami, chicken, bacon, onions, BBQ sauce), the BBQ Chicken (napoli, mozzarella, mushroom, red onions, chicken, BBQ sauce), and the Pesto Feta (napoli, mozzarella cheese, red onion, spinach, bacon, Kalamata olives and semi-dried tomatoes, and homemade pesto sauce). Order the Spinach and Bocconcini (napoli, mozzarella, fresh baby spinach, Kalamata olives, semi sun dried tomatoes, bocconcini cheese and oregano) and you’ll be living your best life.

Order from Pizza Del Sole, Yarraville.

T-mans Pizza (Boronia)

For top-notch pizzas in Boronia, you can’t look past T-mans Pizza. Their inventive menu offers dishes packed full of toppings and perfectly balanced on crispy crusts. So, basically everything you want in a pizza. Locals swear by the Chuck Norris, featuring fresh tiger prawns, sun-dried tomato, mussels, calamari, garlic, bocconcini, herbs and a splash of chilli sauce; the Tandoor, with chicken fillets marinated in tandoori spices, Spanish onion, roasted red capsicum, finished with tzatziki and fresh parsley, as well as the famous T-Man’s Selection, boasting ham, mushroom, onion, capsicum, salami, chicken, beef and garlic. And for a particularly memorable meal, we highly recommend the BBQ Cheeseburger. Yup, it’s a pizza.

Order from T-Man’s Pizza, Boronia.

Florentine Pizza & Charcoal Chicken (Moonee Ponds)

If you’re hankering for a mouthwatering pizza near Moonee Ponds, the team at Florentine Pizza & Charcoal Chicken have got what you need. Their freshly sliced toppings and slightly charred, thin crusts combine to make an A+ pizza, no matter which menu option you go for. From their extensive offering, we’re partial to the Charcoal Lamb (as good as it sounds), featuring a garlic oil base, mozzarella, charcoal roasted lamb, feta, diced tomato, red onion topped with tzatziki and the Surf and Turf, with tomato, mozzarella, garlic, roasted beef, prawns, red onion, diced tomato, parsley. And for chicken fans, the Chicken Kebab, featuring a garlic oil base, mozzarella, charcoal roasted chicken gyros, diced tomato, red onion, topped with tzatziki, will almost definitely send you to cloud nine.

Order from Florentine Pizza & Charcoal Chicken, Moonee Ponds.

St Kilda Pizza House (St Kilda)

St Kilda has no shortage of pizzerias, and St Kilda Pizza House is our pick of the lot. Fast, efficient and friendly service, combined with reliably consistent, top quality pizzas, make this place an easy choice every time. While their traditional offerings are always a delight, we’re bias towards the Super Gourmet Selection for its variety and flavour. For the most dedicated carnivores, the 7 Meat Lover, featuring 5 meats, chicken and Virginia Ham, is a must try. While the Lamb Souvlaki (tomato base, mozzarella, house roasted marinated lamb, onion, finished with fresh parsley, garlic aioli and a lemon wedge) provides an awesome Middle Eastern twist to the usual pizza fare. And for those craving a little spice on their pizza, the Spicy Chipotle Chicken (tomato base, mozzarella, marinated chicken, chorizo, onion, finished with a homemade chipotle sauce) is a real treat.

Order from St Kilda Pizza House.

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